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"Starvation Mode"

This is a theory that I hear about way too often....

"Not eating enough food makes your body think that it is starving, so it will stop losing any weight in order to save energy. Therefore I need to eat more to kick start my metabolism and start weight/fat loss."

This just isn't true. As long as your heart is beating your body is using calories as an energy source. If your body is not receiving sufficient calories from your diet, then it MUST take calories from stored energy stored all around your body (in the form of muscle and fat). If you were to eat absolutely nothing, then your body would continue to break down it's own muscle and fat stores to provide the body with energy, until eventually death would occur. (Obviously an extreme case)

"Starvation Mode" does not exist.

Some truths, however, about the theory:

• Not eating enough Protein will cause more MUSCLE loss than intended. Ensuring we eat adequate Protein in our diets will result in us sparing more protein/muscle during a fat loss phase.

• Eating way too little calories can result in very low energy levels and very high fatigue. Resulting in laziness and a drastic reduction in activity. Imagine not having the energy to hoover your house or walk the dogs this week? Let alone go to the gym four times!? This major reduction in activity could mean you are no longer in a calorie deficit, resulting in the MAINTENANCE of body weight/fat.

So, you believe you are eating very little food, so why are you not losing any fat?.....

1. You're not eating as well as you are making out. That takeaway on a Saturday alongside your bottles of wine on a Friday night can quite easily undo your weeks hard work. Reduce the weekend treats and fat loss will reoccur

2. You have let your activity drop. You're eating "healthily" so now you believe that skipping training sessions is acceptable. Increase your daily activity with something you enjoy and fat loss will reoccur

3. You're a genetic freak who completely defies science and you live on a weird planet where calorie deficits don't exist. (Just kidding, it's definitely either 1 or 2)

Bottom line, if you don't seem to be losing fat, then you are NOT IN A CALORIE DEFICIT. You must either reduce weekly calories, increase weekly activity, or BOTH. "Eating more because your body is storing fat because it thinks it is starving" is definitely not the answer.

Remember fat loss doesn't happen overnight so you must be CONSISTENT and PATIENT.

Happy dieting.......

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