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Cheat Meals

What is a cheat meal?

A cheat meal is a very common method an individual uses whilst in a 'dieting for fat loss' phase. It gives the person a PSYCHOLOGICAL release from hard dieting. Gives them the chance to forget about calories or macros and just enjoy what they are eating. In some cases, they can replenish Glycogen stores within the muscle, as well as increase the production of hormones such as Leptin, Thyroxine & Testosterone.

Cheat meals will help the individual mentally prepare themselves for some more strict dieting.


•You have been eating in a calorie deficit for a long period of time, you're starting to feel tired and unmotivated, a cheat meal will help you re-focus

•You have made the meal fit within your calorie and macronutrient targets. This will give you the opportunity to eat the foods you enjoy without over eating

• You are on track or even ahead of schedule with your fat loss goals, you can now afford a little cheat without it effecting your long term results

•You have finally finished your diet and achieved the results you wanted. You can now relax and eat some of the foods you have been craving for so long.... you've earned it!


•You started your diet 1 week ago. You should not feel like you need to 'cheat' after such a short period of being in a calorie deficit. If you're falling apart already, then you either need to change your mindset, or the diet is just not sustainable for you!

•You're maintaining weight. If your weight is staying the same weekly, then you're not in a calorie deficit, therefore you're not losing fat. The last thing you need right now is a 2000+ calorie pizza every Saturday night. Results will not happen this way.

•You're gaining weight. If your goal is to lose fat, but your body weight is increasing.... then you are NOT EVEN DIETING.... every day for you is a frigging 'cheat day'. So no, you can't have a cheat meal!!!!

Losing fat is psychologically a very hard process, it's not easy. You will sometimes have to go weeks and weeks without a calorie dense meal that gets your face all covered in cheese and bbq sauce. That's just a part of dieting!!!

Some people seem to think that a 'cheat meal' or even a 'cheat day' is a normal part of life, and that having 1 or even 2 a week is normal.... Well, it's not! Cheat meals must be EARNED, so have one when you have put the work in and are seeing results, not before

If you are serious about your fat loss goals, then you must be prepared to make sacrifices. Sometimes high calorie meals need to go. When you have reached your goals, you will then see that it was a worthy trade off.


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